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Bottled gas is what is referred to as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). It is the industry generic name for butane and propane gas. These fuels are the by-product of the process of refining oil and natural gas. LPG can be stored for use in portable cylinders as well as bulk storage tanks that can be sited above or below ground level. In both tanks and bottles / cylinders butane and propane is stored in a pressurised form. The most popular UK brands are Calor and Flogas.  

Disposal of empty or unwanted cylinders.

Empty or unwanted cylinders must be returned to a stockist that sells the particular brand of bottled gas that is featured on the outside of the metal cylinder. They must not be disposed of with normal waste or rubbish.     

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There are several key sales outlets and stockist’s for buying bottled gas in Sheffield. In particular there are shops where you can purchase butane and propane gas carrying the popular brand names of BOC, Calor Gas, Flogas, and also Energas.  

LPG Gas is one of the most popular types of fuel, being used for portable heating applications, for leisure use with barbeques, grills, and patio heaters, and also for use in commercial applications when used with portable space heaters, catering equipment, and for the powering of lpg type fork lift trucks.  

Bottled Gas Stockist’s Sheffield

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The www.hireitlocal.co.uk website features a choice of featured local suppliers that are stockist's for propane gas as well as butane gas - these being the two most popular types of bottled gas that is sold and used in the UK.

Butane gas is seen as more of a domestic and leisure use gas, being commonly used for a fuel in mobile cabinet heaters, caravan, campervan and motorhome heaters, and also their cooking appliances.

Propane gas is suited for both the domestic market as well as the commercial and industrial market place, being used as a fuel for use with heavy duty rocket style space heaters and marquee heaters, for the powering of fork-lift trucks, and especially with mobile catering equipment including ovens, large bbq’s, grills, and hot cupboards.

Large cylinders of propane gas such as the popular 47kg size ones are also used for providing a fuel source for houses and properties that are off the mains grid, being a good alternative to otherwise having to use electric or oil as a fuel.     

LPG Information and Advice

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Featured Supplier List for Bottled Gas Sheffield

BOC Gas                     Bawtry Road, Brinsworth, S60 5NT          Telephone: (0114) 2445388

Calor Gas                    500 Shepcote Lane, Sheffield, S9 1UU     Telephone: (0114) 2445388

Energas                      Attercliffe Road, Sheffield, S4 7WZ          Telephone: (0114) 2731730

Flogas                         426 London Road, Sheffield, S2 4ND       Telephone: (0114) 2581682

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