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How much does it cost to hire a road sweeper?

In the UK the costs for hiring a road sweeper truck can vary depending on several factors.

The first one is actually based on where is the regional location where the sweeping is to be carried out? Historically the further South in the UK you go the more costly it is for this much needed cleaning service.

This means you can expect to pay far more for road sweeper hire in say Norfolk, areas in and around London, down into South East England, than what you would be quoted for the price for road sweeper hire near me in Yorkshire or Humberside in Northern England.

The second factor is dependant on when you need the visit (or multiple visits) to be carried out. You can expect the sweep prices charged to be different if required on a weekday, a weekday night, on a Saturday or a Sunday, and also worth mentioning if you need the work to be completed on a UK Bank Holiday.  

The third factor is costed on the calculation of how long you need the sweeper on site for, as well as usually a cost for travel time for the vehicle to drive to and from your site. Most UK operators charge a minimum of 1 to 2 hours site visit time plus the additional travel charge.

The fourth factor is based on the amount of work and type of work that is required. So if the amount of time needed on site for the job in-hand is not known in advance, you should expect to pay for ongoing hourly or daily charges until the work is fully completed.

A good example of this is for UK construction sites which have aggregate deliveries or earth moving works taking place. In these examples it is good practice for the site manager or plant hire buyer / quantity surveyor to arrange for a sweeper to be available on an as required basis. The same applies if poor weather is forecast or being received, if mud transfer onto the highway is possible from the site, a road sweeper truck should be rented.

Type of work: Most companies that provide a sweeper service in the UK also carry out road gully cleaning. This is in respect of the surface water drain gullies that collect water off roads and highways and not foul water drains.

The cost for undertaking road gully cleaning can vary from the costs of road sweeping due to the nature of the work necessary to carry this out, especially if the gullies are compacted.

Waste charges: The last point is regards to disposal of the collected waste. If the company that you choose to use can deposit (tip) the waste onto an area on your site or premises this of course does not incur any extra cost.

If however you need them to take the waste away (it will be in the form of a wet slurry usually) then you should expect to be charged for the appropriate tipping / waste charges.

The cost for this waste disposal can vary dramatically from one company to another as well as because of what type of waste it is that needs disposing of. Some companies cost on a weight (tonnage) basis, others on a part or full-load charge basis. It is worth noting that this factor alone can differentiate what exactly it can cost you to hire a road sweeper from one company or a UK regional area to another!  

Road Sweeper Hire

When searching for a supplier for road sweeper hire, a lot of clients have specific questions to ask including how much does it cost to hire a road sweeper?  

The road or site sweep price can vary depending on the amount of work that is required as well as how long a sweeper is needed on-site for. If you require off-site waste disposal the waste charges can effect the overall price too.

Below we list information on the typical guide rates for obtaining the popular service of road sweeper hire.

cost to hire a road sweeper

Road Sweeper Hire Rates and Prices

Road Sweeper Prices

Road Sweeper Prices

Typical Guide Prices That You Can Expect To Pay

Above we have featured the different elements that can make a difference as to what you can expect to pay for this popular service. As already mentioned the amount will vary from one location in the UK to another with there being a very distinctive North to South split.

You can though expect at the time of writing to pay around the following amounts:

Northern UK - where does North UK start? Around the region of Leicestershire

As an average we advise that a weekday hourly charge should be circa £35.00 to £45.00 per hour. You may find the odd operator that will charge slightly less than these amounts, but they will then usually charge for a minimum visit charge which could be for 4 to 6 hours minimum irrelevant of the actual time needs on site to complete the job.

Southern UK  - upwards from Portsmouth, Southhampton, inc Bristol, Coventry, London

As an average in South UK (and because of the North to South divide) you can expect to pay around £47.00 per hour upwards for road sweeper rental. So for a full days work (based on 8 hours on site plus a travel charge of two hours) the cost could be in the area of £470.00 to £500.00, plus waste charges if you need the waste to be removed and disposed of at an approved and licensed disposal / landfill / recycling site.  

Costs for Mini Road Sweepers (Compact Pedestrian Models)

How much does it cost to hire a compact road sweeper?

If what you are after is not a medium to large operated sweeper truck (along the lines of a Johnston VT600, VT650, VT651, VT652, a Stocks model, or an equivalent Scarab model) but a compact / pedestrian sweeper, expect the cost to rent one of these to be slightly higher than a conventional and heavy duty sweeper truck.

Not all suppliers of municipal targeted road cleaning vehicles offer compact road sweepers, so you will need to search for a local supplier that provides these. As far as the costs go you can expect as a guide to pay in the region of around £50.00 per hour to £80.00 an hour for the operated rental depending on whether the delivery address is in North or South UK.

Most suppliers also book on a minimum rental period with either 4 hours or 8 hours being the industry standard, in addition to a travel or delivery charge.

Self-Drive Compact Road Sweeper Hire Costs

If you are after a pedestrian sweeper to use on a self-drive basis, on maybe a one-off or a short, medium, to long term hire period, the overall costs for this can vary dramatically from one supplier to another depending on the total “package” that they provide to you.

Delivery costs to and from your location can vary depending on how they deliver the pedestrian sweeper to you, it could be driven to you if within a short distance or alternatively may be delivered by a trailer or a flat-bed truck. Some companies also charge for brush wear on mini sweepers where as others may not, the same goes for tyre puncture costs!

The cost can vary too depending on what make and model of mini sweeper you choose to hire, such as a Johnston C102, C202, C401 (view source), a Karcher MC50, MC80, MC130 or MC250, a Schmidt Swingo model, or one of the popular Hako models.  

The biggest factor though as regards the overall cost for compact sweeper hire is as regards the length of period that you wish to keep the vehicle for, with shorter periods being more costly than medium to long term contract sweeper hire.

Our Featured Company

Self Drive Sweeper Hire

Our Featured Company

National Road Sweepers

Our featured supplier; National Road Sweepers is the main company for providing the cost effective service for the supply of operated road sweeper hire in Yorkshire and also North Derbyshire, North Lincolnshire, North Derbyshire / Nottinghamshire, and Humberside in the UK.

If you are searching for road sweeper hire in Barnsley, in Bradford, Castleford, Chesterfield, Doncaster, Hull, Knottingley, the location of Leeds in West Yorkshire, Pontefract, Rotherham, or Sheffield in South Yorkshire, just get in-touch with them for details on the cost to hire a road sweeper in these areas in the UK…