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Sait Abrasives Stockist in Sheffield

Purchase high quality abrasive products from Sait in the South Yorkshire city of Sheffield

The range of abrasives manufactured by Sait are regarded as being of the highest quality, offer longevity, safety in use, high grinding, sanding, and cutting performance for the industrial and commercial user, and which also offers excellent value for money when compared to many other brands of abrasives.

Sait Abrasives are manufactured at several locations throughout the World with a range of products also being manufactured at their UK plant in Leicester, UK.

Sait Abrasive Product Range

Within the product range are abrasives that include Resinoid Grinding Wheels for use on portable power tools, Resinoid Cutting Discs / Wheels for use on portable power tools, Resinoid Cutting Wheels for use on stationary and bench mounted machines, and semi-flexible Resinoid Grinding Discs for use on portable power tools (including air, cordless, and electric models).

Abrasive Cloths are another product line that is available including belts, mini-belts, sheet, eco-rolls, and standard roll sizes of bonded abrasive cloth. A full range of grit size and type is available to suit a wide range of applications and uses,

Abrasive Sanding Papers - you can choose from our Sheffield stockist's range of papers, commonly used for sanding of paints, fillers, wood, lacquers, plastics, metals, building materials, and more.

Abrasive Discs and Sanding Strips - choose from hook and loop type as well as fixed type mounting. Available in varying sizes and grit grade - used with orbital and rotary orbital sanders.

Fibre Discs, Flap Wheels, and Flap Discs - available in popular sizes, grades, and abrasive type.

Vitrified Grinding Wheels and Brush Range - including bench grinder wheels and stones, wire brushes.

Diamond Cutting Blades - used for applications in building and construction industries, a range of diamond blades for both dry as well as wet cutting. Includes segment and continuous rim blades.

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