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The service is also available in the UK from selected builders merchants. As well as being able to purchase building materials, aggregates, and other products - it is common place for certain builders merchants to also offer the service of tool hire to their customers.

Over the last few years we have seen an increase in this type of service by several key builders merchants in the UK, a few worthy of a mention are those of Keyline, Jewsons, and also lately the Selco builders merchant chain. At all of these outlets customers can rent a comprehensive range of tools and equipment as you would expect from this type of trade outlet.

Their core target customer group is small to medium sized building and construction companies, as well as sole trader builders, plumbers, electricians, professional gardeners, and also landscaping contractors.

It is also probably worth us mentioning that you don’t have to physically travel to a shop or a bricks and mortar type outlet to obtain tool hire in the UK nowadays!

The popular service of tool rental can also be booked and arranged over the telephone or by way of making a booking using ecommerce methods on the internet.

This is especially the case with some of the larger National hire companies that operate in the UK including those of Brandon Hire, GAP, HSS Hire, Hirestation, and Speedy Hire to name a few.  

Tool Hire

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What is tool hire?

Where do you obtain tool hire from?

In the UK the service of tool hire is obtained usually from tool hire shops. But to give a little bit more overview we feel it is worth mentioning that certain types of tool hire can also be obtained from other types of outlets and methods.

Some of the larger DIY and home improvement stores have also started to feature equipment and tool hire within their service range, two to mention are the stores that trade under the company names of Homebase and Wickes.

If you visit either of these stores you will find that they offer a selection of tools for rental, usually that are aimed at the keen DIY’er or person that is undertaking a home improvement or gardening project on their own property.

At these UK shops you can expect to be able to order products to hire such as domestic carpet cleaning machines, woodworking tools such as electric powered circular saws, jigsaws, and chop-mire saws, heavy duty sanders including orbital finishing sanders, belt sanders, and floor sanding machines. We would also expect you to be able to hire heavy duty drills of all types including the strong sds plus hammer drills that are used for drilling holes into hard brickwork and masonry.  

It is also common to find a popular selection of equipment and tools that is aimed at carrying out most common types of home improvement and maintenance work on domestic properties - so expect to be find extension ladders, scaffold towers, tools for carrying out plumbing work, products for carrying out decorating work, and also a selection of equipment for use in the garden and outside. In the latter we would include small petrol lawnmowers, grass strimmer machines, chipper / shredders, lawn scarifiers, and also equipment such as the humble electric cement mixer and petrol engined compaction plate machine.

Other outlets where you can obtain the service of tool hire

Lifting Gear Product Hire In Sheffield and Rotherham
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Sheffield Lifting Equipment Hire

The service of tool hire is when you obtain the temporary use of a particular tool (or also an item of equipment or small plant) for an agreed payment.

The service can also be referred to as synonyms of rent, rental, lease, and charter.

The noun of this is the action of hiring a particular tool, this could be a hand tool or also a power tool, or the rental of a particular item of equipment that is classified as being a type of tool or an item of equipment that helps you to carry out a certain job or type of work.

A typical verb phrase is to hire out a tool; to offer a tool in exchange for a payment.

Specialist types of equipment hire

The equipment that you choose to obtain for a payment does not have to fall into the categories of building and construction tools, cleaning equipment, decorating products, home improvement tools, garden machinery, or simply woodworking tools.

Throughout the UK there are companies and outlets that also offer for rental different types of specialist equipment that is aimed at a particular type of work or type of industry.

To mention a few product ranges there is access equipment, engineering tools, climate control products (usually this includes portable air conditioners, dehumidifier machines, and portable heaters). There is also the category of lifting equipment, material handling products, equipment that is used for machinery moving, tools for measuring and surveying, products used for pumping, and power generation and welding equipment.

This article would probably be tool large and time consuming to read if we covered all of the specialist types of equipment that you could obtain on temporary hire, but to take just one example further we will mention the category around lifting equipment hire. This product range includes specialist products such as heavy duty lifting jacks, hoists, lifting beams, maybe pallet trucks, manual chain blocks and lever hoists, and many other products. These would normally only be available from a tool hire shop that provides this specialist type of equipment.

A good example of such an outlet would be this company that provides lifting equipment hire in the city of Sheffield in South Yorkshire. Another example is this supplier that provides plant hire in Yorkshire with road sweeper hire services.  

Chain Block Hire Sheffield Piull Lever Hire Sheffield Girder Clamp Hire In Sheffield Fall Arrest Equipment Hire In Sheffield Lifting Cylinder Hire In Sheffield Lifting Jack Hire and Rental in Sheffield
Lifting Gear Product Hire In Sheffield and Rotherham

Most popular tools that you can hire

There are a countless number of popular items of equipment and power tools that you can obtain on a temporary hire from most UK based tool hire shops.

Worthy of a mention though are these popular products:

• Cement Mixer Machine • Compaction Plates • Concrete Breaker Tool • Electric Core Drill • Electric SDS Hammer Drill

• Chipper / Shredder • Dehumidifier Machine • Electric Circular Saw and Jigsaw • Floor Sanding Machine • Heaters

• Lawnmowers • Lawn Scarifier Machines • Magnetic Drills • Power Nailers • Pressure Washers • Router Machines

• Tile Cutting Saws • Woodworking Tools including Belt Sanders, Cut-Saws, Heavy Dust Dust Extraction Vacuums

Tool Hire

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