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Read our articles on equipment hire and related services in the UK

Here we feature a selection of articles and features related to equipment hire, plant hire, tool hire, mini diggers, and a range of other rental services that is available in the UK.

Choosing to hire an item of equipment, a vehicle, a power tool, or anything else can be a good cost effective way of sourcing what you need as opposed to buying it. If your unsure whether to hire or buy simply ask yourself the questions of: Why buy when you can hire? Is it more cost effective? Is it a better financial proposition? How often will you use the item of equipment or product? Can you maintain and service it if you buy instead of renting?  

Featured articles and news  

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Featured Supplier For Road Sweeper Rental Rotherham Lifting Equipment Hire

Lifting Equipment Hire in Leeds, Sheffield and Rotherham

A large range of heavy duty lifting products can be obtained from local suppliers in Leeds, Sheffield and Rotherham for carrying out all types of lifting work. Aimed at builders, construction work personnel, civil engineers, engineering staff, steel erectors, and many more trades - lifting equipment hire includes products such as cranes, chain blocks, lever hoists, hydraulic jacks, block and tackle sets, chain slings, lifting pins and shackles, and more.

View more information on lifting equipment rental in Rotherham and Sheffield

Floor Sander Hire In Sheffield

Floor Sander Hire in Sheffield

A popular item of home improvement equipment that is available from several recommended tool hire shops in Sheffield. This product is a heavy duty electric drum sanding machine that is used for sanding away the top layer of wood from old dirty or stained floor boards. When you have completed the sanding work you can either leave the flooring in a natural state, or re-stain or varnish as required. Our website features local stockist's of this tool.  

View more information on floor sander rental in Sheffield

Carpet Cleaner Hire

Carpet Cleaner Hire

Available from most local tool hire shops as well as from some dry cleaning shops and also supermarkets throughout the UK. (For supermarkets we recommend trying your local Morrisons for Rug Dr Hire)

Simple to use, a small carpet cleaning machine can quickly freshen-up and clean the carpets in your home.    

View more information on hiring a small carpet cleaner machine

Candy Floss Machine Rental

Candy Floss Machines

Available from selected rental companies within the UK are electric powered candy floss machines. Aimed at the event and hospitality industries and becoming a popular sight at corporate as well as private events. Usually you can opt to hire one of these machines on its own or with an experienced operator.  Customers also often use to compliment one of these machines along with a popcorn machine and the chocolate fountain machine.     

View more information on hiring a candy floss machine for your events including weddings, birthday parties etc.

Mini Digger Hire

Mini Diggers and Construction Equipment Plant Hire

Mini Diggers and Micro Diggers have become one of the most popular items of small plant equipment that is regularly hired and used by builders, landscapers, and all types of grounds workers throughout the UK.

Smaller in physical size than a standard digger or JCB they are used on construction sites where access is limited.     

View more information on micro and mini digger hire.

Road Sweeper Hire In Rotherham

Road Sweeper Hire Rotherham and Pedestrian Sweepers

This article is around the service of operated road sweeper hire in Rotherham. Ideal for sweeping and cleaning construction site access roads, site areas, and roads and streets that are in-need of a street cleansing service.

Also aimed at Rotherham based businesses and companies that have a need for car park cleaning throughout Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, as well as the cleaning of storage yards and driveways.

All areas of Rotherham in South Yorkshire catered for as well as nearby Doncaster and Sheffield. Companies that provide this service usually also offer the extended service of drain gully cleaning and emptying as well as road jetting. Planning an outdoor event? A marathon race or outdoor market? Consider hiring a road sweeper machine!

Pedestrian sweepers are a solution to keeping pedestrian areas clean as well as access drives, paths, and footpaths.    

View more information on the service of local road sweeper hire in the town of Rotherham in Yorkshire.

Pedestrian Road Sweeper Rental Rotherham Local Tool Hire

Tool Hire in the UK

The service of general power tool hire is straight forward to obtain and use in the UK. This service is used by professional trades, industrial and business users as well as domestic customers. The service of local tool rental can be very cost effective when you only need a particular tool or product for those one-off jobs and occasions.

This could be if you need a heavy duty hammer drill in order to fit say a bathroom extraction fan, or a pressure washer to hire in Morley for carrying out some deep cleaning.

Categories of tools include access equipment, cleaning equipment, DIY tools, decorating tools, gardening machinery, plumbing and pipework equipment, woodworking tools, metal fabrication tool, automotive tools, skips, and more…       

View more information on local tool hire in Yorkshire and throughout the UK.

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